6 Tips For A Healthy Brain

You workout for hours in gym to build your muscles. You follow strict diet routine to keep your weight maintained. Even you get your routine health checkup to keep your self updated with any health risks. But have you ever thought of your brain health? Well, it is as important as any other thing. Therefore, in this article you will find some vital tips to keep your brain healthy.

1. Walk every day

Walking hard for half an hour for seven days a week is good for your body and for your brain, because the activity of the hippocampus, an area of the brain, increases with more physical exercise. When you learn and remember, by walking every day, your memory improves, you also increase your ability to plan and always focus on something new, which means that you can continue to function independently for longer.

2. Avoid damage

Whether your brain continues to function well at a later age is genetically determined for 50 percent, so you can do something about it during your life.” Make sure that you suffer as little brain damage as possible, for example, alcohol is bad for your brain. One person is a glass per day already harmful, the other can drink five glasses before it has effect Damage can also occur when you hit your head, for example in traffic accidents, boxing, head on at football and elbow feats against you head, keep in mind: what’s bad for your blood vessels is also bad for your brain, so treat yourself if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.

3. Challenge yourself

Take the train, go to a concert, visit a museum in another city, you need that kind of stimulation to keep your brain young. It is not bad if you find it difficult to recharge your ov-chip card; You just challenge your brain, you become sharp and alert when you ‘wind up’ in this way, your brain functions better and you can process new information faster, which is good for your ability to solve problems. for example, you will learn a new language, with all the grammatical difficulties that that entails.

4. Learn to dance

Learning and doing new things at an old age can slow down the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by about three to four years.” What you do needs to be part of your brain. “Playing the same kind of computer games every day does not help. because chess constantly raises new questions, something that combines thinking and movement, such as studying a new dance, seems to work even better.Old people who learned to dance for a few weeks, then scored better in psychological tests than those who did not, we just do not know if it can prevent dementia in the long term.

5. Eat crusts

Chewing well on your food has healthy effects. Your heart starts to beat faster and your brain gets better blood circulation. In fact, while you eat, you are walking a bit, with all the benefits of Research shows that the blood circulation in particular in one of the large blood vessels in the brain improves: 70 percent of strokes occurs in the vicinity of the blood vessel, so chewing seems strongly recommended for older people with an unhealthy vascular system. Although it has not yet been proven to prevent a cerebral infarction, keep chewing is important, even if liquid food seems easier, do not cut the crusts of the bread and boil vegetables.

6. Find extra light

Sleep badly, make sure you get more light during the day, go outside and it works best, even on a gloomy day. You still get more light than in the house. Every day of walking for an hour seems a good method to get your sleep rhythm back in. In addition, more light reduces the speed of memory loss, do not swallow benzodiazepines to sleep better: if you use them for a long time, you increase the risk of dementia.

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