What Damages Can I Claim After A Drunk Driving Accident?

If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident, your life has been forever changed. Depending upon the severity of the accident, you may have sustained serious or life-threatening injuries, become temporarily or permanently disabled, or find yourself suffering from PTSD or depression. Along with this, you may have also had beloved family members injured or killed in the accident, making this tragic event even worse. When these accidents occur, it is always due to the negligence and carelessness of another driver who failed to take other people’s safety into consideration when they got behind the wheel. Therefore, to make sure you are able to be compensated for your damages, always rely on an experienced DWI lawyer to guide you throughout the process.

Medical Expenses

Since drunk driving accidents often produce serious injuries to victims, your DWI attroney will help you sue the driver for compensation related to various medical expenses you have incurred and may incur in the future. These may include:

  • Payment for ER visits
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Medical diagnostic tests
  • Surgery
  • Medications and other treatments

Since medical treatment may be needed for months, years, or even the rest of your life, always work with a knowledgeable DWI attroney to get the compensation you deserve.

Lost Wages

In all likelihood, you have been unable to return to work after your accident. Depending upon the type of job you have, you may never be able to do the tasks you once did, forcing you to find a new career, retire, or seek permanent disability payments. Whatever the case may be, you are entitled to sue for lost wages due to the accident, including current and future lost income.

Funeral Expenses

Should you have a loved one die as a result of the accident, you are entitled to be compensated for expenses related to the funeral. Due to the rising costs associated with funerals, always make sure you provide your attorney with these costs so they can include these expenses in your compensation package.

Property Loss

If you had property that was destroyed due to the drunk driving accident, your attorney can also sue for these damages as well. Examples include:

  • Smartphone or other electronics
  • Clothing
  • Vehicle damage
  • Glasses

Since damage totals associated with your property can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars, always have these damages included as part of your overall compensation.

Pain and Suffering

Since the accident probably left you with enduring physical and emotional pain, your attorney can also sue for the pain and suffering you have resulting from the accident. To get maximum compensation in this area, always document how the accident has changed your life and that of your family, then let your lawyer use this information in court.

Since it will be imperative you have the compensation needed to pay medical bills, replace lost wages, and other important matters, schedule an immediate consultation with a DWI lawyer to discuss your case.

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