Use This Simple Technique To Drastically Improve Your Sleep Quality

An active brain is not always the culprit when we struggle to fall asleep at the end of a busy day when deep restful and healing sleep is exactly what is needed. Quite surprisingly, indoor air pollutants can play a big part in preventing you from getting a good nights sleep. Most peoples issues with falling asleep are usually cured when indoor air quality has been improved. When we keep our doors closed either for privacy reasons or to keep warm, we are increasing the rate of buildup of gases like carbon dioxide which ends up causing problems for us.

Sleep quality is so important for us, we know from loads of research the quality of our sleep greatly affects our performance the following day and if one has not had a decent nights sleep then you can forget performing at your peak performance.

There is also another source of indoor air pollution that is most often overlooked as a suspect. Cleaning products. Most cleaning products give off fumes and gasses which end up drastically dropping the quality of air inside our homes. This is amplified by the fact that many people enjoy cleaning with extremely strong chemical cleaners. To make matters even worse, most people spend up to 85% of their time inside their home which exposes them to their polluted air even more.

The health effects, whether short-term or long all depend on the actual type of cleaner in question and the specific different types of contaminants inside it. There are many, some cleaners are worse than others, and knowing how to spot them in the label can be quite an arduous task.

The easiest way to improve the air quality in your home is to stop using cleaners that give off dangerous fumes. Simply choose better-formulated ones. There is however an even better solution to this dilemma of using chemicals and trying to find ones that are not dangerous. Microfiber. Microfiber mops and cloths can do an amazing job at cleaning without the assistance of chemicals. Even hospitals use these types of mops to clean their floors due to their impeccable cleaning abilities.

If you have never used a Temples Pride microfiber mop then its time you give one a try because by ditching the chemicals you use in your home to clean your floor you can drastically improve the air quality of your home and thereby finally get a good nights sleep.

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